Welcome to the new Boardwalk Neighbourhood Association webpage.  This page is currently under construction but once it is up and running it will be a good place to get resources about the events and activities in our neighbourhood.

Can’t wait to see what our neighbourhood can do!


  1. Kanchi Shah says:

    Hello, Kitchener-Waterloo boardwalk commitee,
    I am a student at Wilfrid Laurier university who frequently commutes to and from the Boardwalk through the GRT. Living along the Ira Needles boulevard, I and many other fellow collegues living in the region, walk along the Ira needles Boulavard towards the Sobeys to get home, sometimes late at night. Since winter is not commencing, it gets dark out early, and walking home with no street lights and in utter darkness, once we pass the Boardwalk is a huge hassle. Many of my fellow collegues and I, plead you to take action upon this request and try to install streetlights along the Ira Needles Boulevard walking towards the Sobeys plaza.
    Thank you for the consideration,
    Have a good day.

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