For more information about the Boardwalk Neighbourhood Association, please send us an email:


  1. Martha & Joe Ferber says:

    It is great to hear we officially have a neighbourhood association. Thank you for putting forth all the effort to get it rolling.

  2. Bernice says:

    I would like to see more swings installed at Lynnvalley Park. We currently have only two swings…a regular simple rubber strap swing for older kids and a bucket swing. There is no baby/toddler swing.
    This park is heavy used by families with young children and kids have to wait in line to get a swing.
    I would like to see at least one more regular swing and 2 toddler swings.
    Please help to make this happen by sending an email to this Neighbourhood Association or to Bil loannidis at
    Thanks Bernice

  3. Bernice says:

    Tuesday April 30th Update on swings for Lynnvalley Park. Just heard from Bil and his attempt to get a new set of swings was turned down by Greg Hummel @ Parks Planning. So if we want to get more swings we will have to email or call The more emails or calls he gets the better our chances are of making this happen. Would love to have some support with this.
    I am also going to contact the Mayor’s Office, local radio and tv stations as I believe that when one door closes you have to look for another door.
    Any other social media that you can think of for this request would be greatly appreciated. I have posted this on The Boardwalk’s Neighbourhood Association’s Facebook as well.

  4. Bernice says:

    Regarding the swings for Lynnvalley Park…

    Yes, thanks to AG who said to write a letter to the editor. Cost of the swings is apparently $15,000.00 That would be the taxes for 3 houses on our street for one year…guess that pretty much says it all

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